About me / Impressum

This is Felix Paul Kühne. I’m working on VLC for the Mac for more than 10 years. I started contributing to VideoLAN during the dark and frosty winter of early 2003.
Since late 2010, I’m the lead developer of VLC media player’s ports to OS X and since 2013 for iOS when we decided to re-write the original app and re-publish it.

In real life, I’m a medic working for the French consulting company Videolabs SAS as bit and pixel pusher both for iOS and OS X. We usually have contracting slots available.

I’m often present at various free and open-source software events throughout the world (this led me to the US, Belgium, and France quite a few times besides Brazil, Australia, Estonia, Spain, …) as well as the typical social media and fruit company gatherings.

You can reach me using $mynick @videolan.org or by just dropping a note here or on Twitter.