VLC 1.1.12 (coming soon)

VLC 1.1.12 will be released within the next week. Most importantly, it includes a fix for the optical audio output (S/PDIF) on OS X Lion, so you can enjoy your multi-channel movies again in a proper way. Additionally, VLC no longer crashes when using the Japanese locale.

To give it a try, feel free to fetch a pre-release build from nightlies.videolan.org. Please note that these pre-release builds require Mac OS X 10.6 or later. The actual release still supports OS X 10.5 Leopard of course.


Similar to the playlist view on Windows and Linux, VLC for Mac will get a sidebar in version 1.2. This way, you can easily access your media folders and media shared on the local network and the internet. Future versions will evolve to a full media library.

That’s what it looks like so far:

More media aggregators will be added until the release. As you would expect, of course you can hide this sidebar if you just need a playlist without any clutter.