VLC for iOS, version 2.7.0

Today, we will release a new major version of VLC for iOS. Note that due to adapted review guidelines, it is branded “VLC for Mobile” on the iOS App Store now.

We have been working on this update for the last few months, so it adds a lot of features:

  • full iOS 9 support incl. split screen and iPad Pro
  • re-written Apple Watch app for watchOS 2
  • system-wide search for content stored locally within the app using “CoreSpotlight”
  • Touch ID support to unlock the app
  • full support for Right-To-Left languages

On the playback and networking side, we added

  • support for SMB  file servers (Windows shares)
  • highly improved subtitles rendering with font fallback for non-western languages
  • desktop quality SSA subtitles rendering (initially introduced in 2.6.6)
  • list of recently played network streams is shared across devices using iCloud
  • stored login credentials for servers is shared across devices using iCloud Keychain
  • stored login credentials for cloud services are shared across devices using iCloud Keychain

This release includes a lot of UI improvements, bug fixes and last but not least a newly designed sidebar menu!

Finally, this release drops support for iOS 6.1. VLC now requires iOS 7.0 or later.

This major update is the result of 4 months of work and I would like to thank TobiasCarola and Pierre for their dedication to make this possible.

Stay tuned, we have more exciting things in the pipeline, which we will happily present very soon.

13 thoughts on “VLC for iOS, version 2.7.0”

      1. Kodi. Video files now try to open from the SMB share, Library movies crash the app throwing jpeg “codec not supported” errors while looping through the list… This looked like such a promising update.

      2. I just tried with the latest version of Kodi. Playback works correctly for me. However, sometimes, VLC does not play the item one touched.. o.O

      3. Try files that Kodi reads from a SMB share; VLC now tries to open them from there instead of streaming from the UPnP server.

  1. Looping playback no longer works. I’ve been playing subliminal files on repeat all night but the 22nd Dec update broke it. Files just play once regardless of the loop setting. IPhone 6+, iOS 9.1

  2. Smb does not work enter creeds click connect and just black screen I have windows 2003 and Windows 7 shares

  3. Should it be possible to compile this in xcode7 and deploy with a free certificate? I’m getting something about the ‘icloud’ feature needing a real developer certificate.

    1. If you deactivate iCloud, it should work. But since we also use App Groups (for the watch support), I’m not sure. No team member ever tried compiling the code with a free account.

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