Show Cases

Over the years, I worked on VLC for macOS, iOS (with watchOS) and tvOS as well as custom multimedia applications for a broad set of customers. While some works remain confidential, others will appear here as time allows.

I’m always open to help to improve the multimedia experience in your application and to discuss your projects and ideas. You can reach me using or on Twitter. You can also find me on and


VLC for macOS

In early 2003, I joined VideoLAN to add a full German translation, which first appeared in the 0.4.6 release. Over the years, further contributions to the macOS port and its designated UI followed, culminating in a re-write of the user interface in 2011 for version 2.0 and another in 2018 for version 4.0.


In a contract work for action concept Film- und Stuntproduktion GmbH, I developed a special application allowing to control video playback of up to four tracks on parallel screens with basic image manipulation and transformation. This allowed them to shoot in-car movie and TV shows scenes without the need for a green screen or an actually moving vehicle. This solution is unmatched so-far by any other German production studio and available for rental.


In 2012, I worked on a contract with for Orange Slovakia on a special version of VLC for macOS with a custom skin for their IPTV solutions.


VLC for iOS

After initial port of VLC to iOS by a French startup was removed from the App Store shortly after its initial publication due to legal constraints and violation of VLC’s license, we decided to re-write the application from scratch under my lead in 2013.

VLC for Mediengruppe RTL

Starting in 2015, I developed a designated version of VLC for iOS for Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland GmbH including support for Citrix ShareFile and profile management within their Citrix environment to give access to internal streams of the current live television program.
As there is no SDK for Citrix ShareFile integration available for iOS, the raw REST API and two-factor authentication was implemented from scratch as a reusable component.


VLC for Apple TV

With Tobias Conradi, I started a port of VLC to tvOS in 2015, which was completed in less than four months of evenings and nights leading to critical acclaim following the holiday season.

Riplay was an innovative video startup and rental service in Paris, France. With my previous employer VideoLabs SAS, we built server components as well as client solutions for iOS and tvOS allowing streaming of remotely stored DVD media.

RoomNetTV Ltd. provides innovative TV Entertainment solutions to the hospitality industry. With Lino Helms, (and initial contributions by Lilith Wittmann and Carola Nitz), I developed a tvOS application for rendering multicast and VoD streams of TV channels on the users control in their hotel rooms. This involved the development of a dedicated CMS to provide individual channel programming per hotel site. This replaced a previous system based on Mac minis through a full rewrite of the client and server.
Initial release in Q2/2018 with subsequent updates adding support for custom DRM and secure key exchanges.


SES is the operator of the ASTRA satellite network and inventor of the SAT>IP standard, which allows the distribution of TV channels on the local network received through DVB-S2. It will transition to a standard by the DVB commitee for content distributed via DVB-T or DVB-C.

For my previous employer, VideoLabs SAS, I developed the tvOS port of a native SAT>IP playback application based on VLCKit with a EPG, recommendations and more based on a design and backend by SENSORY-MINDS GmbH.

For previous employer, VideoLabs SAS, I also developed an SDK app for distribution by SES S.A. to retrieve channels through the SAT>IP protocol for iOS, Android and tvOS. Executable binaries are available free of charge on the individual App Stores, the source code can be found on github.