Native fullscreen support on OS X Lion

In addition to the previously announced improvements, VLC will also make use of OS X Lion’s native fullscreen mode. This way, VLC runs in a separate virtual desktop to your other apps, which simplifies multi-tasking quite a bit. Instead of VLC’s usual fullscreen button, you’ll see Lion’s native control in the upper left corner of VLC’s video window:

If you don’t like the native mode, especially since it can be less useful when using multiple physical screens, you can choose to continue to use VLC’s own fullscreen mechanism.

Drop Zone

The completely re-worked interface of VLC for Mac will feature a so-called Drop Zone in VLC 1.2. It will always appear within the main window in case that your playlist is empty. While a similar feature was hidden in the timeline background of current VLC releases, we hope that this will make VLC even easier to use.

Click here to have a look at a detail of the new main window.