Drop Zone

The completely re-worked interface of VLC for Mac will feature a so-called Drop Zone in VLC 1.2. It will always appear within the main window in case that your playlist is empty. While a similar feature was hidden in the timeline background of current VLC releases, we hope that this will make VLC even easier to use.

Click here to have a look at a detail of the new main window.

4 thoughts on “Drop Zone”

  1. I like the modern OS X look overall and the simplicity of selecting options. You and the rest of the Mac programmers are doing a great job.

    Drag and drop is used the most by me in the current VLC version, but like that I could just drag and drop into the timeline. Will this new Drop Zone optional? And will the previous functionality of droping into the timeline still exist?

  2. Yes, absolutely. The previous functionality of the time line will be retained, although its appearance is slightly different.
    The Drop Zone will be available by default, but only when the playlist is empty, so you won’t use any functionality.

    Thanks for the feedback!

  3. Hi nice look and feel..
    I don’t know if you have noticed it or not, but the layout of the following options placement in the “Filter” tab seems a little “off” compared to the other screenshots..

    I think the look and feel of this particular tab/pane, “Filter”, would be nicer if the “Headphone virtualization” and “Volume Normalization Maximum level” would have the same distance from the tabs, “Equalizer | Compressor | Spatializer | Filter”, as the other options have.

    When clicking e.g. the “Spatializer” tab, well actually I’m just looking at your screenshot(s) :), I noticed that the options here are a little closer to the tabs, than the once in the “Filter” tab. And after looking at the other screenshots of the options in the “Equalizer”, and the “Compressor” tab.. I see that it is only the options in the “Filter” tab that doesn’t start at the same location as the other options..

    Looking forward to the release of this GUI overhaul..
    And thanks for your work! 🙂

  4. @ Benjamin:
    thanks for the feedback!

    I’ve fixed this ui issue and also slightly resized the entire panel, so we save 20 px in every dimension. (the screenshots aren’t updated though)

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