VLC 2.0.1 Q&A (updated)

Update: VLC 2.0.3 is out! Please make sure to get the latest version!

Following the previous Q&A post, here’s a new one about VLC 2.0.1. It should explain the most common problems.

As usual, feel free to add new questions to the comments since this a living document.


When doing snapshots, I get an error message about some encoder issue. What’s wrong?

Due to a bug in the underlying libavcodec library, saving snapshots in the JPEG format doesn’t work in this release (#6415). Saving as PNG works correctly. To change the file format, go to the “Video” category of VLC’s preferences (which you can find in the VLC menu).

This issue affects the binaries both on Mac OS X and MS Windows. It will be fixed in the 2.0.2 release through a codec update.

Make sure to restart VLC after changing this option!


VLC doesn’t open in fullscreen mode anymore on launch. Can I do something to solve this?

This issue will be fixed in VLC 2.0.2 (#6464). As a work-around, you can enable the native fullscreen mode of OS X Lion if you run this version of Mac OS X or get a nightly build.

This issue does only affect the Mac OS X platform.

Make sure to restart VLC after changing this option!


Some Asian subtitles are displayed as a thick white line instead of characters… What to do?

As a work-around, press command-1 after starting the video playback (#6427). This will slightly resize the window and will allow the text renderer to draw these characters correctly. Only a small number of subtitles included in MP4 container files is affected.

This issue does only affect the Mac OS X platform and will be fixed in VLC 2.0.2.


There are colored lines and stripes across the video when running VLC on MS Windows XP, but previous versions ran nicely. Is there a fix?

VLC 2.0 includes a new video output module on MS Windows, which is not compatible with a certain number of graphics card drivers on MS Windows XP (#6501, #6469). You can re-enable the previous output module in VLC’s preferences (Tools menu): in the “Video Settings”, you’ll find a switch for the “output module”, which you want to set to “DirectX”.

This issue does only affect the MS Windows platform and will be resolved in VLC 2.0.2.

Make sure to restart VLC after changing this option!


The playback control buttons don’t seem to work on my Mac. What to do?

On a small number of VLC installations on Mac OS X, the preferences corrupted during the upgrade to VLC 2 leading to the mentioned result. To fix this, go to the preferences dialog (VLC menu), click on “Show All”, select “Interface” -> “Main Interfaces” on the left hand side and disable “Mac OS X Interface” in the “Extra interface modules” list on the right.

This issue does only affect the Mac OS X platform and will be resolved in VLC 2.0.2.

Make sure to restart VLC after changing this option!


Can I follow the progress of VLC 2.0.2?

Sure. Have a look at our bug tracker.


My issue isn’t listed here. Can I report it somewhere?

Sure. Open a ticket in our bug tracker. Note that you don’t need to register to do so. Any OpenID account including your Google login will work.

Update: VLC 2.0.3 is out! Please make sure to get the latest version!

VLC 2.0.1 out now

VLC 2.0.1 is now available on videolan.org and pushed directly to your Mac through VLC’s internal updater.

Here are the most important improvements for VLC for the Mac:

  • fixed delay when changing the volume
  • added a way to minimize the playlist
    • option-click on the playlist button, if the video is played within the main window
    • click normally on the playlist button, if the video is played in a detached window or no video is playing at all
  • provided a way to hide the sidebar
  • added playback controls to the detached video window
  • added OSD feedback when changing the volume
  • added accessibility support to the black UI mode
  • resolved fullscreen playback issues on Lion and Snow Leopard
  • the forward / backward buttons are way less sensitive now, so you can skip the movie much more slowly (the speed matches iTunes now)
  • disabled the native fullscreen mode on OS X Lion by default
  • fixed issues with the track synchronization panel
  • fixed playback of multicast UDP / RTP streams on certain setups
  • fixed SAP service discovery on certain setups
  • fixed crop functionality in the main menu and the video effects panel
  • fixed issues with the aspect ratio and subtitles menu items
  • fixed various crashes and minor ui issues
    • progress bar flickering, video window getting larger than the actual screen size, re-appearing “Updating font cache” dialogs, etc.


This update includes the following security content:

  • Updated libpng to 1.5.9 (CVE-2011-3026)
  • Updated freetype to 2.4.9 (CVE-2012-1126 up to CVE-2012-1144)
  • Fixed MMS stack overflow (VideoLAN-SA-1201)
  • Fixed RealRTSP heap overflow (VideoLAN-SA-1202)

Additionally, VLC 2.0.1 includes the following cross-platform improvements:

  • Access:
    • fixed and improved the CDDB information retrieval
    • fixed the samba module compilation
    • improved HTTP Live Streaming support
    • multiple fixes for HLS support, notably on Windows and for encryption
    • multiple fixes for Bluray discs playback
    • improved DVD playback on some RPC-I drives
  • Codecs:
    • Support for MXPEG files
    • limited auto-detected threads to 4 in avcodec module
    • fixed the use of QuickTime audio codecs in RTSP streams
  • Muxers:
    • FIxed OGM header creation
  • Demuxers:
    • Fixed multi-file splitted RAR archive support
    • Fixed a crash when seeking in mka
    • Improved MKV multi-video tracks support
  • Audio filters:
    • limited spatializer filter distortions
    • Use the fastest SinC algorithm for the samplerate module
  • Web interface:
    • fixed mobile display for remote control mode
    • support for .drc and .3ga extensions
  • Service discovery:
    • fixed SAP discovery, where an item was added multiple times
    • Updated Jamendo selections


Furthermore, VLC 2.0.1 includes these improvements for Windows and Linux:

  • Audio output:
    • Fixed S/PDIF passthrough with ALSA
    • Removed flawed ALSA channels autodetection.
      • The available ALSA channels MUST be configured now (stereo by default)
  • Video filters:
    • Fixed gradfun unloading on Windows
  • Qt interface:
    • allow a native seek slider instead of the blue one
    • fixes in the playlist, the addons dialog, the menus, the main toolbar, the open dialogs and preferences
    • fix for the fontconfig cache dialog when rebuilding ASS fonts
  • Skins interface:
    • fixed menu display
    • Addition of $R to display the current playback speed
    • documentation update
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Fixed DBus crash
    • Fixed build issues on BSD, Linux/PPC and Linux/SPARC
    • Fixed a crash on VLM close