VLC 2.0.3

We released VLC 2.0.3 this morning. This update mostly targets the Mac OS X platform: it adds support for OS X Mountain Lion.

Additionally, we added a few Mac-specific bug fixes (hotkey handling, fullscreen toggling when using a remote app on a phone), fixed issues with some Flash Video (flv), APE files and a small number of radio streams broadcasted through the HTTP protocol.

On Windows 8, VLC’s interface will be drawn correctly now.

Finally, VLC 2.0.3 includes updates for 18 translations and adds support for Uzbek and Marathi. Bugs preventing the activation of the Gaelic and Thai translations in the previous version were resolved.


Convert and Save

Back in 2005, VLC 0.8.4 included one of my first noticeable contributions to the Mac OS X port: the Streaming and Transcoding Wizard. Since then, VLC moved on quite a bit, but the window and its functionality is still present (with some small additions).

While it was cool and handy at that time, things beyond the VLC universe moved on, too, so we decided it was time for a re-write to enable more users to make use of the nifty included features by making it more easy to access and to configure.
Quite a while ago, transcoding presets were added to the Linux and Windows ports. This new panel is an attempt to bring these presets to the Mac along with the flexibility already known from the wizard. Here’s a first look at the current draft, which will evolve during the next months in time for VLC’s next major release version 2.1 Rincewind. Most importantly, the streaming features will also become part of this panel as well as minor missing features like the ability to extract parts of a media sample.

VideoLAN at FISL

Jean-Baptiste Kempf and me were invited as guest speakers to this year’s Fórum Internacional Software Livre in Porto Alegre, Brazil, from July 25 until the 28th.

This is the first time for VideoLAN developers to present at a conference in South America. We will give a talk on VideoLAN and VLC focussing on advanced end-user features and more technical details with in-depth coverage of libvlc’s usage in desktop and mobile products.

Of course, we will be there during the entire event for chats and discussions (and beers?).

This is going to be exciting and we hope to see you there.