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Back in 2005, VLC 0.8.4 included one of my first noticeable contributions to the Mac OS X port: the Streaming and Transcoding Wizard. Since then, VLC moved on quite a bit, but the window and its functionality is still present (with some small additions).

While it was cool and handy at that time, things beyond the VLC universe moved on, too, so we decided it was time for a re-write to enable more users to make use of the nifty included features by making it more easy to access and to configure.
Quite a while ago, transcoding presets were added to the Linux and Windows ports. This new panel is an attempt to bring these presets to the Mac along with the flexibility already known from the wizard. Here’s a first look at the current draft, which will evolve during the next months in time for VLC’s next major release version 2.1 Rincewind. Most importantly, the streaming features will also become part of this panel as well as minor missing features like the ability to extract parts of a media sample.

3 thoughts on “Convert and Save”

  1. Hi I have two questions,

    1/ How do I enable VLC to open more than one player ?
    2/ Can I set up VLC to mimic Quicktime 10.0 i.e. disappearing visual controls ?

    Thanks, In process of making VLC default on Mac

  2. 1) there is no proper way. Of course you can launch VLC multiple times, but there is currently no way to play more than one file or other media at a time.
    2) We’re thinking about this for a future release. For now, all you can do is hiding the UI controls completely, so you get kind of naked video along with an optional playlist window. To get details about this, have a look at my customization post:

  3. I capture a movie using VLC and it was about 1 1/2 hour long. When I finish the file which was .avi and about 26,688,445 in the size column (MB or KB I cant remember). However when I try to replay it with VLC it said the index was broken and if I want to rebuilt the index. I choose yes and it built an inxed and then it starty playing. But everytime I choose to play the movie it goed througt the same index building routine befor it plays. That means I could not put it to a DVD or anything like that. I would like to capture a full movie with VCL since ii find it very easy to use, and maybe play it back with other players like Window media player or other players like Nero’s movie player. What format should I chose and I think ther are other options to set but I cant find any manual or documents to help me. If you have any info that may help you could send it by email.


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