VLC 2.0.3

We released VLC 2.0.3 this morning. This update mostly targets the Mac OS X platform: it adds support for OS X Mountain Lion.

Additionally, we added a few Mac-specific bug fixes (hotkey handling, fullscreen toggling when using a remote app on a phone), fixed issues with some Flash Video (flv), APE files and a small number of radio streams broadcasted through the HTTP protocol.

On Windows 8, VLC’s interface will be drawn correctly now.

Finally, VLC 2.0.3 includes updates for 18 translations and adds support for Uzbek and Marathi. Bugs preventing the activation of the Gaelic and Thai translations in the previous version were resolved.


22 thoughts on “VLC 2.0.3”

  1. Hmm. Having playback issues. .mov from Canon camera won’t open in vlc. Changed extension to .avi and mp4; playback in QuickTime and DivX Player (Mac) but not in vlc. Nothing at all. Ideas?

    btw, Mac 0SX 10.7.4.

  2. @ComicHippo: Nothing special (demuxers, access modules and translations are cross-platform), which is why we didn’t release binaries for Windows this time.

    For Windows, the latest version remains 2.0.2.

  3. Thanks for the good work, it is the best videoplayer I know. Still waiting on the feature “resume playback” though 😉

  4. @Chris: thanks for the nice theory. regrettably, it isn’t true. VLC used to check for the screensize the fullscreen media output was drawn on. Additional screens weren’t taken into account. The actual reason was a wrong assumption on my side. Due to the high resolution on the Mac Book Airs, their internal screen was considered to be at least 24″, rather 27″, so the controller was too huge.
    Anyway, starting with VLC 2.0.2 (by introducing retina display support), the resizable fullscreen controller was removed since it conflicted with the HiDPI API. Additionally, it was actually wrong to include this feature in the first place, since Apple clearly states that one pixel equals one point on non-HiDPI displays regardless of the physical screen resolution. So the correct behavior implies that the fullscreen controller may look small on huge displays such as the current 27″ iMac.
    Anyway, thanks for the constructive feedback!

    Sorry about your screen 😉

  5. Oh wow, so that’s why. I like the solution you chose, and am glad to finally have a controller that isn’t so large that I have to place it halfway between the screens just to get it out of the way of the video, hehe.

  6. Serious playback issues on the latest iMac, running on Mountain Lion. Constant drop-outs at the beginning of each file.
    Unfortunately, if there’s no fix for this I will be forced to switch to another player… VLC was such a good piece of software 🙁

  7. @Botev: we identified the cause for this and will publish an updated release shortly!

  8. Now that the mac interface is great, will you do a great Qt equivalent for linux/windows vlc ??? pleaseeee.

  9. dear VLC friends
    Opening a streaming video from a satellite receiver does not work after upgrading to Mountain Lion (ex. http://satellitereceiver:31344) the video stutters all the time. 🙁 Any idea if a new version of VLC is needed or a new update for Mountain Lion? thanks

  10. @Omar: I hope that this will be fixed in a potential 10.8.1, since things are fine on any previous release.

  11. Idk why the new VLC simply won’t open…it acts like it’s going to then instantly crashed. All I get to see is the icon bounce and poof it’s gone.
    It was working beyond perfectly prior :((

    -Mac OSX 10.6.8 using the latest 2.0.3-

  12. @BearfaceJAX This happens from to time when upgrading VLC for unknown reasons. To fix it, go the Library folder in your home folder, open “Preferences” and delete both a folder named “org.videolan.vlc” as well as a file named “org.videolan.vlc.plist”. This should solve your issue.
    If not, please consult our official forums at http://forum.videolan.org


  13. 10.8.1 did not solve the problem of stuttering video from the network 🙁 Am i the only one suffering with this issue?

  14. hey Felix, hello… OS X 10.8.1 did not solve the problem… video from an http source stutters 🙁 do you happen to know if someone else with Mountain Lion is ok?

  15. Full screen controller is about the right size. But at 1920×1080 I had to try about 20 times to catch the diamond shaped holder to rewind or forward the videos. It is too difficult. Wouldn’t it be better if it will be larger. By the way right now I’m watching video about 1 meters from the screen, but having so much difficulty. I can not dream using it this way at the bedroom from my bed…

  16. omnipace: We are working on enlarging the slider in the next major release of VLC. For the meantime, you might want to use horizontal scrolling / horizontal swiping on the trackpad to skip through the movie more easily.

  17. Thanks for that update, especially on Mac OS X running VLC is a breeze again! The only thing missing is the A-B-Repeat feature on that platform. Hope you’ll find the time to implement that in a future version (and yes, I already filed a report in TRAC (some month ago)).

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