Similar to the playlist view on Windows and Linux, VLC for Mac will get a sidebar in version 1.2. This way, you can easily access your media folders and media shared on the local network and the internet. Future versions will evolve to a full media library.

That’s what it looks like so far:

More media aggregators will be added until the release. As you would expect, of course you can hide this sidebar if you just need a playlist without any clutter.

8 thoughts on “Sidebar”

  1. These are just preliminary designs (like in most screenshots demonstrated here), but we will retain some of the color 🙂

  2. I have to wonder if you guys are from this planet. I’ve been looking everywhere for hours to find out how to use this player. Couldn’t find anything. Can you please direct me to where I can get a real dumbed description of how I can import my music from windows media player? Haven’t tried to burn cd’s in a long time and when I finally figured it out with w-mp the next one I tried to burn kept telling me there was a problem but there were no icons next to any on the list. Please help!!

  3. I tried the latest build of 1.2.0 and, while slick, left me scratching my head over two issues:

    – Where did the Media Library go? My media library for 1.1.12 is a bunch of links pointing to files on my network storage. In 1.2.0, I can’t find it UNTIL I add something to the playlist.. then it pops up.

    – Why did the media Pause/Play hotkey change from Spacebar to Command-P for the Mac.? o_O I think that makes VLC the only media player NOT to use Spacebar for Pause/Playback.

  4. Hey, nice to see so much work going into improving the Mac OS X interface.

    I recently bought a macbook pro (my first mac) and VLC was one of the first few softwares I installed (along with firefox).

    But the video in the Mac interface is not embedded into the player window like it is in Win/Linux. Also there no option to do that in preferences like in Win/linux.
    Is this going to change with 1.2? Will we be able able to embed the video into the player window?

  5. @ Argh:
    – well, the media library. Thanks for the feedback that someone actually uses that feature. It will be removed from the default playlist view and will become part of the sidebar, so the current work-around will not be needed anymore.
    – The hotkey change was non-intentional and is part of the on-going process of reworking the way the main menu works on the Mac port. It’s a bug and will be fixed prior to an actual release.

    @ Abhishek:
    yes, the video output will become part of VLC’s main window in VLC 1.2. You will still have the option to have it separately, but all-in-one will be the default.

  6. Thanks for the reply.
    Just wondering about how to update when 1.2 is finally out. I hear VLC on Mac automatically updates using some piece of software called sparkle. So is it ok to update just using the built in autoupdate feature. Or is it better to first uninstall the app and then clean install the updated version (like on other platforms)?

  7. Using the sparkle updater will be alright once we release VLC 1.2. There will be no compatibility issue. In fact, you can also install VLC 1.1.x and 1.2 side by side without any problems.

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