Update on VLC for Mac

After a long time of minimal changes to the Mac OS X port of VLC, I was able to pick up development of it again. As a first result, VLC 1.1.9 included a bunch of bug fixes to the interface (Apple Remote handling, hotkey preferences, Growl integration, quitting through the Dock, etc.).

VLC 1.1.10 will include improved Media Key support on Mac OS X 10.6 and later thanks to SPMediaKeyTap by Spotify AB as well as additional crash and bug fixes. VLC 1.1.10 no longer interferes with other applications using the media keys, most notably iTunes and QuickTimePlayer. Nightly builds reflecting the latest changes are available since last night on nightlies.videolan.org. Feel free to check these out and to provide feedback if you need anything else for VLC’s next minor release.