VLC 1.1.11 (updated)

Another update for VLC will be available shortly. Here are the Mac-specific improvements with a main focus on full compatibility with Mac OS X Lion. While some GUI fixes and improved handling of the Apple Remote were already silently added to VLC 1.1.9 and 1.1.10, here are some more noticable:

  • Fixed scrolling direction if the input device’s signal is inverted
  • Updated the auhal audio output to the latest API
  • Disabled window restoration for privacy reasons

Regrettably, the screen input module will remain unavailable in VLC’s 1.1 series for Mac OS X Lion.


Additionally, this update will include these fixes for all Mac OS X versions:

  • Resolved conflict between iTunes and VLC with regard to Media Key handling
    • If enabled in VLC, it will respond to the keys as long as it is the front application. If not, iTunes/QuickTimePlayer will.
    • If disabled in VLC, iTunes/QuickTimePlayer will always respond to the keys.
  • Fixed playback of MPEG TS files in the ports for PowerPC and Intel (32-Bit)
    • VLC’s 64bit port was not affected
  • Fixed images disappearing on the interface
  • Reduced installation size by up to 30 MB
  • Updated codecs

For more details on this update and the important cross-platform changes, please have a look at the release notes, which will be available upon public release.

Update (July 16th): VLC 1.1.11 is now available from videolan.org or through VLC’s internal updater.