VLC 2.0.4

We released VLC 2.0.4 for all platforms today.

It includes various fixes and improvements for the Mac OS X port as well as all the other desktop platforms.

Let’s start with the specific improvements for the Mac:

  • Improved audio output behavior when the output device is plugged or unplugged during playback and fixed live audio device selection.
  • Disabled CoreAnimation UI effects on OS X Leopard leading to overall performance improvements
  • Improved menu display and behavior
  • Fixed various crashes and minor issues in bookmarks, playlist, main window buttons, streaming wizard, video size, hotkeys and fullscreen controler
  • Fixed font selection for unicode subtitles
  • Improved system sleep behavior when playing audio-only media. The screen is now allowed to sleep while the system is kept awake during playback.
  • Added option to the Audio Effects panel to activate the karaoke filter
  • Improved behavior when using command-line options to control the Mac interface

VLC 2.0.4 includes the following cross-platform improvements:

  • Added support for OPUS decoding via libopus including multi-channel files
  • Fixed numerous crashes related to DVD playback (dvdnav)
  • Improved Blu-Ray and HLS playback
  • Improved H.264, MPEG2, MPEG4 part 2 and VP80 playback behavior when using more than one CPU core for decoding
  • Fixed HTTP playback through proxies and advertise gzip correctly
  • Fixed TLS busy-loop during client-side handshake
  • Fixed Hebrew and Greek subtitles decoding
  • Improved playback behavior of Ogg/Theora and Ogg/Vorbis files
  • Fixed crashes on malformed subtitles and malformed png files
  • Added support for YouTube live streams
  • Fixed playback of Vimeo, Koreus and YouTube streams
  • Fixed buffer corruption in freetype and subtitles modules
  • Fixed issues on selection of playlist items for WebUI
  • Codec and other 3rd party library updates
  • Fixed swscale and canvas behavior with Aspect Ratio
  • Fixed mime-type when streaming Webm over HTTP


  • New translations for Bengali, Fula, Gujarati and Bosnian
  • Updates for Bokmål, Korean, Slovak, Serbian, Russian, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Portuguese, Walloon, Turkish, Thai, Polish, Dutch, Khmer, Hindi, Japanese, Galician, Hebrew, German, Breton, Scottish Gaelic, Czech and Estonian

For the large number of improvements for MS Windows and Linux, please have a look at the change log.

10 thoughts on “VLC 2.0.4”

  1. So, just wondering: libass quite recently put out version 0.10.1. Does this latest version of VLC reflects those changes in libass?

  2. Damnit! Who is developers of VLC?
    Version 2.0.4 and still fullscreen on Mac OS X doesn’t work well. When you double click on video it’s resize black background to display size, but not video!! I can’t find answer in the Google, but why I should to fix that? Why developers can’t ??


  3. Hi, thanks for another nice release. I noticed one thing though: the SRC resampler is gone again in the 64bit version. At least i can not find it in the preferences or the plugin folder (only the speex resampler), while its there in the ppc build. Since there are some new threads about audio issues in the forum, i was wondering if it might have been disabled accidentally?

  4. Hi,
    Will 2.0.4 version correct the audio problem: music can be listened but not voices?.


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