VideoLAN at SCALE 10x

VideoLAN will have a booth at SCALE 10x, the Southern California Linux Expo, at the Hilton Los Angeles Airport Hotel this week. The event takes place next week-end from January 20-22.

The booth (#74) will be manned by Rémi Denis-Courmont and me. Feel free to drop by and have a look at our forthcoming 2.0 release of VLC media player!

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  1. Yes, we decided to do so recently due to the vast number of improvements included in the release.
    Feel free to grab a nightly build to check out its current state 🙂

  2. I honestly believe VLC media player currently is the best out there, great job guys and how did the expo go? Are you going to have a 64bit and a 32bit versions with the 2.0 ver. and when can we expect the rollout? can’t wait. i have a windows 7 64bit platform, couldn’t find a 64bit for your ver. 1.1.11 so i’m using the 32bit ver…. not sure if that is why my videos are showing blurry and how do i fix that.

    btw do you have preset equalizer settings for download? thanks again for a great programme. it has ended what turned out to be quite a long search for an app to boost the sound on my notebook and made me a happy camper again.

  3. We won’t ship 64bit builds for Windows with VLC 2.0. We will do so on Linux, BSD and Mac OS X only. The 64bit builds for Windows are stable enough so far. You don’t loose much by using the 32bit build though. Blurry videos aren’t related to that. Due to various internal improvements, VLC will be a whole lot faster now, even in 32bit mode.

    We are doing the first release candidate for VLC 2.0 right now, so we are definitely coming closer to a release.

    and sorry, we don’t provide additional equalizer presets at this point.

  4. thanks for the response. i mainly use vlc for playing audio files so that’s where my interest is and i’m wondering if there is going to be any improvements to the sound quality in 2.0…..loudness and clearity.

  5. I added various new audio filters to the Mac interface, which were previously available on Windows and Linux only.

    Regarding actual audio playback, there were a few improvements, especially bug that the last few seconds of a track weren’t played properly is gone.

    Feel free to a get a RC1 build (linked above) to check for yourself!

  6. you made a statement earlier that i’m not very clear on and wonder if you can elaborate a little….if you don’t mind.

    you said earlier that if one has a “64bit W7” and downloads a 32bit version of VLC, he wouldn’t be loosing much.
    you also just mensioned that there isn’t going to be a 64bit version of the 2.0.

    does that mean that when this latest version, 2.0….which is going to be a 32bit….rolls out and i download it for my 64bit platform, i’m not going to be loosing much but will still end up loosing one or two improovements?

  7. sure, my arguments were a bit contradictious indeed.

    For Windows, we will ship 32bit binaries only for now, while we provide 64bit variants for Linux, BSD and Mac OS X. This is due to technical limitations of the tools we’re using to create binaries for Windows. These tools are stabilizing, but from what people told me, we can’t trust them enough for a release (some incompatibilities with the graphical interface as far as I remember).

    64bit binaries are a tad faster on 64bit operating systems compared to their 32bit counterparts. Although the difference is rather tiny in most things you usually do with VLC, it is kind of noticeable.
    However, by using a 32bit build, you don’t loose any improvements or features or whatsoever. Especially on Windows, we have strong support for hardware-accelerated video decoding, which should have a bigger impact than 64bit execution to most users.
    So, in the long-run, we will definitely provide 64bit binaries for Windows as well, but in the meantime, you’ll notice quite a bunch of speed improvements in the 32bit binary compared to the current version.

    Hope this clarifies things for you a bit.

  8. i have to start by first apologizing for posting windows issues on a mac forum. i honestly just became aware of this after checking your profile, sorry again and thanks for your patience. question is, can i continue posting here or find my way somewhere else?

  9. i just came across this on your “news” site…..VideoLAN and the VLC development team present VLC 1.1.13, a bug and security fix release.
    This release was necessary due to a security issue in the TiVo demuxer, affected versions are:- 1.1.12 right down to 0.9.0.

    i’m currently using the 1.1.11 version…..which means i’m in the line of fire… i was looking to download this security fix but cant find it.

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