VLC 2.0-RC1 for Mac

VLC 2.0 reached the Release Candidate milestone. RC1 builds for Mac are available here (links withdrawn due to actual release).

Please note the following:

You use Mac OS X 10.6 or 10.7 on a Core2Duo, Xeon or Intel i3/i5/i7? Get the “intel64” binary.

You still use Mac OS X 10.5 on Intel or a CoreDuo CPU (first Intel-based machines introduced by Apple a few years ago)? Get the “intel32” binary.

You want to use VLC on a PowerPC-based Mac? Get the “powerpc” binary.

The “intel32” binary will also run on Mac OS X 10.7, but you’ll miss a few features, so be sure to get the “intel64” package.

Of course, the actual release will handle this selection automatically for the non-tech savvy users.

To have a look at the changes and new features, check this list!

Please also note that the execution of VLC 2.0 on so-called Hackintosh devices and within virtualized Mac OS X installations will likely fail due the lack of hardware graphics acceleration (called “Quartz Extreme”).

Enjoy this preview release and feel free to file bugs or regressions in the comments or on our bug tracker. There are a few known issues left. Prior to reporting, please check this list.

19 thoughts on “VLC 2.0-RC1 for Mac”

  1. Most Hackintoshes support Quartz Extreme, so they should be fine. They usually have supported graphics cards (that’s the point of building a Hackintosh – be as close to a Mac in hardware as possible).

    VM’s on the other hand, will be a problem as is the case for graphics-intense games.

  2. Media Library still appears under Playlist, but now it has a yellow triangle next to it always. I thought Media Library was going to move to a sidebar option. Also, should each sidebar selection just be adding a new section under the playlist. I figure it would toggle the right side display between the different choices rather than adding items to the window.

    No new content appears when any of the sidebar items is selected.

  3. Default Volume setting broken. Started at 256, changed to 50. Re-open and it sticks to 0. Can’t get it away from 0 now. Must be a recent bug becuase I don’t remember this being a problem in previous nightlies.

  4. For the audio issue, if the setting is made in the basic prefs, it doesn’t stick between opening and closing the prefs window, whereas the number sticks if making the change in the Show All prefs. Unfortunately neither mode settings sticks after restarting the app.

  5. @ Reid: good to known. It’s just that nobody in our team uses such a device, which is why they are officially unsupported.

    @Kevin: first 2 items are known issues currently filed on trac. 3rd one is a back-porting issue. Thanks for noticing!

  6. Still no visible feedback for volume changes while in Fullscreen.

    Pressing i still doesn’t bring up the controller in Fullscreen as specified in Hotkeys.

  7. May be related to outstanding playlist issues, but if you open a video, move it to the Media Library and then double click a different video in the finder, it will add the new video to the playlist, but it will always start playing the 1st video that’s in your media library instead. You must remove the video from the Media Library for it to open the correct videos again from the Finder.

  8. Could use the ability to switch to playlist view on launch so you can build a playlist before having to start the first video.

  9. Play a video and switch to playlist without stopping the current video and then start another video from the playlist or Finder and the new video will start playing but not swtich from playlist view to video view.

  10. #7.1 won’t be fixed. see trac
    #7.2 file a ticket please
    #8 file a ticket please, so I don’t forget to test this more thoroughly
    #9 file a feature request against the 2.0 maintenance milestone
    #10 we didn’t decide so far, what the default behavior should be in this case

    thanks for the feedback.

  11. #7.1 won’t be fixed… ever? That’d be stupid. The trac I found on it seem to be inconclusive since the responder didn’t seem to get the issue. https://trac.videolan.org/vlc/ticket/5837

    #7.2 already has a ticket. https://trac.videolan.org/vlc/ticket/5796

    #8 new ticket – https://trac.videolan.org/vlc/ticket/5924

    #9 new ticket – https://trac.videolan.org/vlc/ticket/5925

    #10 seems to make sense that starting any new video should always switch to the video view because otherwise why would one start a video and not want to see it.

  12. Hmm. “Release candidate” seems a bit early. At first sight this is still a beta : none of the actions I did worked as expected. I haven’t been able to watch any transport stream file (HDTV or HD Camera) that work with VLC 1.x .
    I’m gonna file some tickets !

  13. @dperetti: looking forward to your reports. It would be great if you could attach small sample files, so we can directly test the regressions.

  14. @memo: sorry, comment removed for readability reasons. Please use a paste bin for crash logs.

    Additionally, the _getline crash is a problem with the builds provided in this post, which will be solved later tonight. For the meantime, feel free to use the “intel32” build on Mac OS X 10.6.

  15. Updated binaries actually running on Mac OS X 10.5 and 10.6 are now available at the same download location!

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