Updated VLC 2.0-RC1 builds for Mac

Due to packaging errors, the builds for Intel did not perform as described in the last post. They do so now. Thus, the crashes on Snow Leopard when using the 64bit build and on Leopard when using the 32bit build are gone.

The downloads are still located at the same place. (link withdrawn due to actual release)

Happy testing!

8 thoughts on “Updated VLC 2.0-RC1 builds for Mac”

  1. Works absolutely correctly for me (on 10.7.3 as well).

    Try to reset VLC’s preferences by deleting both a folder called “org.videolan.vlc” and a file named “org.videolan.vlc.plist” in ~/Library/Preferences and try again.

    Feel free to post a crash log on pastie.org and give me the link here, in case it still crashes for you.

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