Goal reached! Additional ideas!

Last night, we reached the goal of our fundraiser for VLC for Windows 8, RT and Phone. We are enormously proud of the result and stunned by the support of the folks who made this possible.

Any further money coming in will greatly speed up the availability of our port of VLC to Windows Phone 8, since it will allow us to parallelize the workload of the ports to Windows 8 / RT and Phone.

Furthermore, we proposed a few additional features, on which we will be working full-time after the initial release is done and as long as money is left:

  • camera input support — This allows you to record anything your connected cameras can see and to stream it live where ever you like.
  • DLNA client and server integration
    • Play media stored on DLNA capable servers on your Windows RT tablet or Windows Phone
    • Stream everything VLC can play on your tablet or Windows 8 PC to your DLNA capable devices (Xbox, …).
  • integration with locally attached devices for media playback and synchronization
  • Smartglass support

NB: This text is an excerpt of Update #6 on kickstarter.

4 thoughts on “Goal reached! Additional ideas!”

  1. My feature requests for VLC “further additions” would be to remember window position/audio volume per file, and/or make it so that it recovers on badly scratched DVD’s…

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