Updates on the VLC for Windows 8, RT and Phone fundraiser

On Tuesday, we pushed a 2nd update on our fundraiser for VLC for Windows 8, RT and Phone.

It includes a first mockup of the application interface on Windows 8. We are proud of the positive feedback and we are looking forward to yours! You can find the update here.

Furthermore, since Wednesday noon, you can find Update #3 on Kickstarter, which includes additional mockups to demonstrate our new port on Windows RT tablets.

Last night, we published Update #4, which gives insights on the technical implications of our ports to Windows 8, RT and Phone.

At the time of writing, 95 % of our goal were pledged thanks to almost 2,400 backers and there are 6 days to go. Thanks for all the support! Let’s go on on this track!

and hey, our project is featured as a Staff Pick on Kickstarter, right now!

One thought on “Updates on the VLC for Windows 8, RT and Phone fundraiser”

  1. Funny how there doesn’t seem to be a licensing “incompatibility” with the little-used Windows Store versus the iOS App Store.

    Just sayin’.

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