VLC for iOS 2.5.0

Today, we released version 2.5.0 of VLC for iOS with a strong focus on cloud integration. We added support for iCloud Drive, box.com and OneDrive. As part of iCloud Drive, you can have access to any cloud storage enabled app on iOS 8 and later. For box.com and OneDrive, we added native support, which allows us direct streaming from the cloud without having the user download a media first.

Furthermore, we cleaned-up the playback experience matching recent changes in VLC for Android and added the full 10-band equalizer known from VLC’s desktop ports. While reworking playback, we also integrated support for titles and chapters included in a few Matroska / MKV and MP4 files. Due to popular request, you can also lock the UI and rotation during playback.

One last thing: you can share your media library between multiple devices on the same local network now! If you enable WiFi sharing and keep VLC active, it will appear in the “Local Network” tab of all iOS devices running VLC supporting both device to device streaming as well as downloads.

Finally, we added a couple of new translations to Portuguese (Portugal), Portuguese (Brazil), Khmer, Faroese, Belarusian, Serbian (Latin), Tamil and Afrikaans along with the usual set of bug fixes and minor improvements.

We hope you like this new version as much as we do.

7 thoughts on “VLC for iOS 2.5.0”

  1. Meine Dateien/Ordner haben sehr lange Namen. Aber VLC iOS zeigt bei sehr lange Namen nur verkürzt an. Könnt ihr das so ähnlich machen, wie bei Apple Kontrolcenter?? Wenn man bei Apple,Musik anmacht sieht man im Kontrolcenter,dass die Namen sich bewegen. Das ist sehr praktisch. Bitte hinzufügen für Ordner und Dateien!!!

      1. Ja alles. Schau mal

        Habe auch Foto von iOS Kontrollzentrum hochgeladen. Wie ich es meine wenn Namen bzw Texte zu lang sind und wie Apple Lösung es meistern. Die Idee mit bewegliche Animation sind gut. So solltet es ihr auch tuen, am besten komplett in den Einstellungen oder stellen womit man lange Namen erstellen kann z.b Dateien,Ordner. Es lohnt sich im Hochformat und bei den iPhones am meisten,weil die kleine Displays(3,5-5,5zoll) haben.

  2. What is the status of playing files from a NAS via SMB? This feature was said to be in the works since summer 2014.

  3. Yes, I am curious on the availability of SMB support too!
    Under the “Local Network” tab that should be a “Shared Folders” section…
    It’s the most commonly used sharing method between Windows PCs, but still not supported by VLC…

  4. I tried streaming a video file from a wireless drive to my iPad and received the belo error “VLC could not decode the format, “A52, (A52 audio (aka AC3))” Is this a settings issue or app issue? Any help would be appreciated!

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